Changes to an approved project

The Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) Funding Agreement includes scope to make changes to an approved project. 
Importantly, any proposed changes must:
             • allow the project to continue to meet the objective of the ASRP;
             • be in accordance with the ASRP Guidelines
             • not alter the project outcomes;
             • not extend the project End Date beyond 30 June 2013. 

Information to be provided by the Recipient

To request a change, Recipients must provide the Commonwealth Representative (as identified in the Funding Agreement) with a formal proposal setting out the proposed variation to the project. 
The proposal must be signed by the Recipient Representative and include:
1. reasons for the proposed variation;
2. a description of the proposed variation including, if relevant:
             a) revised Description (Funding Agreement Schedule 2 – Project, Item 2)
             b) revised Milestones (Funding Agreement Schedule 2 – Project, Item 3)
             c) revised Consortium Member List (Funding Agreement Schedule 3)
             d) revised Expenditure (Funding Agreement Schedule 5 – Budget, Table 1 – Expenditure); and
             e) revised In-kind (Funding Agreement Schedule 5 – Budget, Table 2 – staff In-kind contribution, Table 3 – non-staff In-kind contribution, Table 4 – Cash Contribution and Table 5 – Other Cash);
3. information on how the project will continue to meet the objective of the ASRP;
4. confirmation that the proposed variation is supported by all of the Consortium Members; and
5. any other relevant information.
It is recommended that Recipients discuss potential project changes with Space Coordination Office staff prior to submitting a proposal. 

Assessment and decision

Following receipt of all of the required information, the Space Coordination Office will assess the proposed change. 
The assessment will consider:
             • Does the variation meet the objective of the ASRP? 
             • Is the variation in accordance with the ASRP Guidelines?
                         o This includes consistency with the eligibility and merit criteria, and matching funding and eligible expenditure provisions.
             • Does the variation change the intent of the project, ie the agreed outcomes? 
                         o If the proposed variation has the potential to alter the project outcomes, it may not be valid.
                         o The original ASRP Assessment Panel assessment will be considered.  
             • Does the variation have implications for Stream A and Stream B funding (ASRP Guidelines Clause 1.4).
In considering these questions, the Space Coordination Office may consider the project risk level as determined by a full or partial project review. 
Independent advice may be sought. 
A recommendation will be prepared for the Program Delegate who will consider the change.  In making a decision on whether or not to agree to a proposed variation, the Program Delegate will have regard to the ASRP Guidelines. 
If a variation to a project is approved, a Funding Agreement amendment will be put in place to incorporate the changes. 
If a proposed variation to a project is not approved, the Program Delegate will consider other options available such as reducing the scope of the project, reducing funding, termination or repayment of funds, for example. 

Further information

For further information on requesting a project changed please contact the Space Coordination Office at or 02 6276 1166.