Information for Grant Recipients


Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) Recipients are required to report quarterly on the progress of the project.  A reporting template has been prepared for this purpose.  The Department may also request additional information from time to time. 

Recipients must prepare an annual report at the end of each financial year   This report includes an independent audit of project expenditure and consortium contributions.  To assist recipients the Department has published a guide to the annual audit requirements which includes a sample audit report. 



Changes to an approved project

The ASRP funding agreement provides scope to amend the agreement and the project if required.  Recipients are encouraged to discuss any proposed changes with the Space Coordination Office prior to submitting a formal proposal.  Further information on the process for requesting a change to a project is set out here.    

Further information

Australian Space Research Program Guidelines
Australian Space Research Program Quarterly and Annual Report Template
Australian Space Research Program Annual Audit Requirements  

Changes to an approved project



Space inquiry line: 02 6276 1166