Australian Space Research Program

About the Program

The Australian Space Research Program has awarded 14 grants with a total of $40 million (excluding GST) over four years through a competitive merit-based grants program to support space-related research, education and innovation activities.

The objective of the Australian Space Research Program is to develop Australia’s niche space capabilities by supporting space-related research, innovation and skills in areas of national significance or excellence.

Under the Australian Space Research Program, space-related means:
(a) the designing, building, testing, installation, deployment and/or operation of hardware or systems developed:
    (i) to be located in space;
    (ii) for the purpose of getting into or returning from space; or
    (iii) for the purpose of getting data or information to or from space;
(b) the design, development, testing, installation and/or use of applications that require the operation of hardware or systems listed at (a);
(c) governance arrangements (such as legal, management and advisory structures) to support space hardware, systems or applications listed at (a) and (b); or
(d) research into the environment in which space hardware or systems listed at (a)

For the purposes of the program, space-related does not include astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

To achieve the objective, the program provides two types of grants, Stream A- Space Education Development grants and Stream B – Space Science and Innovation Project grants. 

Stream A - Space Education Development projects

Stream A supports student projects and education activities, including international education opportunities and the establishment of national space education programs and centres of expertise for space education.

Stream A projects or educational activities are student-focused and involve space-related activities. 

Stream B - Space Science and Innovation projects

Stream B supports collaborative space research and innovation projects involving the development of Australia’s niche space capability in areas of strategic national priority. International collaboration is encouraged.

Stream B projects involve space-related activities. 

Further information

Australian Space Research Program guidelines [PDF 115KB]  
Project factsheets
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