Space Activities Guidelines for Applicants

The Space Activities Act 1998  was enacted by the Australian Government to regulate commercial space activities carried on either from Australia or by Australian nationals outside Australia. The Space Activities Regulations 2001 provide further detail about the requirements of Government space activity authorisations. In general these documents provide explanatory advice on the space licensing regime and its administration to assist those intending to conduct space activities. The Space Activities (Approved Scientific or Educational Organisations) Guidelines 2004 are the exception, being administrative guidelines that form part of the licensing regime.

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Australian Space Safety Regime Overview

Introduction to the Australian Space Safety Regime.

Download the Australian Space Safety Regime Overview.pdf


Overseas Launch Certificate

Guidelines for Australian space launch proponents applying for an overseas launch certificate to launch a space object from an overseas site.

Download the OLC Guidelines 2011.pdf  


Authorised Return of Overseas Launched Space Object

The return of a space object launched outside of Australia to a place anywhere in Australia, or a particular series of returns, requires an Authorisation of Return of Overseas Launched Space Object (AROLSO). The return to Australia of a space object launched from Australia may be authorised by the launch permit granted in respect of the launch.

The AROLSO guidelines provide advice to applicants including a standard application form and list of expected accompanying documents.

Download the AROLSO Guidelines 2011.pdf  


Approved Educational and Scientific Organisations

For Minister to determine when an organisation is an approved educational or scientific organisation for the purposes of s.8A of the Space Activities Act.

View the Space Activities Guidelines 2004 


Flight Safety Code (2nd Edition)

Sets out the requirements of applicants to demonstrate that their proposed space launch activities will be safe and effective.

Download the Flight Safety Code 2nd Edition.pdf


List of Designated and Protected Assets

Assets of national importance (eg oilfields) for which specific space activity safety standards exist.

Download the List of Designated & Protected Assets 6June02.pdf


Administrative Arrangements of the Classification of Assets

Discusses the criteria for identifying Designated and Protected Assets within the Australian space safety regime.

Download the Administrative Arrangements of the Classification of Assets.pdf


Maximum Probable Loss Methodology

A risk-based analysis for determining risks and potential consequences due to mishaps that may occur during phases of flight of space vehicles.

Download the Maximum Probable Loss Methodology Sept04.pdf


Register of Australian Space Objects

Table showing details of Australian Satellites.

Download the Australian Space Object Register Table_14-12-09