Space Coordination Office on Twitter

The Space Coordination Office  is the Australian Government’s central point of coordination for all civil space activities. We invite you to follow us on Twitter @SpaceAustralia.

Why are we using Twitter?

Our aim is to engage with people interested in Australian civil space activities and those with views on how awareness can be encouraged in Australia and internationally.

Our Twitter channel will update you on news and events happening in the ‘Space’ arena. It will help us let you know about the work of the Space Coordination Office and the associated opportunities for input and consultation.

It will also provide links to new updates on our website

Will the Office respond to replies or direct messages?

We may not respond to individual messages.  We may reply to general themes that appear within the Twitter feed. The Twitter feed will only be monitored during business hours and we consider a Twitter conversation to be similar to that of a telephone conversation, and not considered as correspondence (letters, faxes, emails, submission et cetera). If you have an enquiry that you wish to be answered directly please email

Please be aware that Twitter is a public space on the internet.  Twitter interactions are publically viewable and searchable.

Social Media Disclaimer

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The views expressed and information posted by any contributors to Space Coordination Office social media pages are those of the individual sender. The Space Coordination Office accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the views or information posted and disclaims all liability from those views that may be occasioned directly or indirectly through the use of, or reliance, on those views and information. The Space Coordination Office recommends users seek appropriate professional advice prior to relying on, or entering into any commitment based on the views or information posted.

Unless acknowledged as being endorsed by the Space Coordination Office, views expressed are not those of the Space Coordination Office. Further, information is subject to change and therefore the views expressed at a particular time cannot be taken to reflect current views.

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The Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Industry – Space Coordination Office excludes all liability to the extent permissible by law.

Privacy Statement

The Department of Industry (the Department) is not responsible, liable for and does not endorse the privacy practices of Twitter or any other linked websites. Your use of Twitter and any linked websites is at your own risk. 

The Department may record information posted with the @SpaceAustralia Twitter tag and use that information for the purpose of administering the Twitter account, for record keeping and for considering and/or addressing any comments made. No attempt will be made to further identify ‘Followers’ except when requested and authorised by law.