Australia is building a reputation as a competitive and talented space nation. 

We have leading capabilities in cutting edge technologies, such as robotics and automation, remote operations, optical and quantum communications, ground station networks, and delivery of remote medicine and health services. 

As a signatory to the Artemis Accords, the Australian Space Agency wants the nation to not be a bystander, but an active participant in humanity’s return to the Moon and beyond. To achieve this, we must bring our capabilities across government, industry and academia to missions and projects that support this.

Introducing Team Artemis Australia.

Logo of Team Artemis Australia

Team Artemis Australia

Australia has a significant opportunity to play an important role in the Artemis future. Not just through Australia’s first mission to the Moon, but by showcasing and demonstrating the world leading, unique and specialised capabilities that can contribute to NASA’s Artemis and other Moon and Mars programs.

Team Artemis Australia was created by the Australian Space Agency to support and strengthen its technical and engagement activities on a global scale. The platform aims to achieve this by placing a spotlight on Australian expertise that can support this new era of space exploration. 

The Agency, in line with the evolving NASA Artemis program design and planning, has identified the capabilities it believes can best facilitate international collaboration with Australia – to establish a sustainable presence on the Moon and for further exploration on Mars. These capabilities will continuously evolve over time as capability needs change with the growing complexity of Artemis missions. 

Team Artemis Australia aims to:  

  • foster international partnerships with Australian industry and R&D
  • identify opportunities for collaboration
  • influence international trade and technology transfer, and 
  • drive more private investment into the Australian space sector. 

Objectives and mission segments

Team Artemis Australia is aligned with NASA’s Moon to Mars strategy. This comprises of four campaign segments:

  1. Human Lunar Return 
  2. Foundational Exploration
  3. Sustained Lunar Evolution
  4. Human to Mars

Each of these segments will build upon each other and are driven by the four underpinning Moon to Mars objectives, covering:

  • Science goals to understand our universe and advance human space exploration.
  • Transport and Habitation goals to get to the Moon and stay.
  • Infrastructure goals to support leading edge science and exploration.
  • Operations goals to develop and manage missions to the Moon and beyond.
Illustration of Australia's mission on the moon.

The Team Artemis Australia interactive

This resource explains how Australian capabilities align with NASA’s Artemis Program as well as the Moon to Mars Initiative.

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