The Australian Space Agency’s Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap is the third in a series of 7 roadmaps. The roadmap outlines a 10-year plan to support growth of robotics and automation capabilities on Earth and in space. This plan was published before May 2022 under the previous Australian Government.


Australia’s remote operation capabilities have huge potential for the future of space exploration. The vision for this roadmap is that Australia will build, operate and maintain off-world infrastructure and assets to expand, support and sustain humanity on Earth and in space. This will support the long-term sustainability of outer space.

Each roadmap is aligned to one of the 7 National Civil Space Priority Areas identified in the Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028. The Robotics Roadmap provides a pathway to:

  • leverage Australia’s expertise in robotics technology and systems
  • provide critical solutions into the global marketplace that enable and support the sustained build-up of space assets and infrastructure
  • enable international collaboration with industry.

Australia is already a world leader in remote asset management in the resources sector, a capability which is also being applied to industries such as resources, transport, and agriculture. By leveraging our expertise we can also become a key player in space exploration.

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The following six focus segments prioritised in the Robotics Roadmap are the areas of greatest opportunity for the Australian space sector.

  1. Remote operations
  2. Interoperability
  3. Analogue facilities and services
  4. Robotic platforms
  5. In-Situ Resource utilisation
  6. Foundation services.

These areas interplay to provide a pathway to uplift capability to help triple the size of the Australian space sector by 2030.


Foundation Services fulfil a set of core supportive processes and systems that are necessary in planning, establishing and sustaining planetary activity. These services provide core functions that are required during every stage of off-Earth infrastructure build-up. Australia can use its capabilities to realise a long-term flagship role in Foundation Services.

Foundation Services are operational services that support exploration missions to build towards (and eventually maintain) a sustained off-Earth presence. They are services for which demand is recurrent, continuous or enduring. The scope of Foundation Services covers monitoring and inspection, planning and logistics, civil construction, materials transport and cargo handling, remote maintenance, salvage, and component manufacture and assembly. Foundation Services are distinctive but complementary to mission critical systems such as power, communications and life support. Foundation Services utilise and draw together capabilities from the other listed elements.


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