We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to everyone.

This is a requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992

We take the following measures to ensure the accessibility of our website:

  • include accessibility throughout our internal policies

  • provide accessibility training for our staff

  • conduct regular accessibility audits.

Reporting accessibility problems

We want our website to meet the highest accessibility level possible. If you’re experiencing any accessibility or usability issues with our website, please contact us:

  • Phone: 1800 497 182

  • Email: enquiries@space.gov.au 

  • Feedback form 

  • Post: Australian Space Agency, GPO Box 2013, Canberra, ACT, 2601.

We aim to respond to your feedback within 3 business days.

Compliance status

We aim to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standard at level AA. This is the web standard recommended by the Australian Government.

Our web pages achieved WCAG 2.1 level AA certification in April 2023. 

Our regular accessibility audits will also ensure we keep our websites accessible into the future.

Text resizing

Text on this website can be resized by:

  • using the zoom and increase font options from your internet browser’s menu

  • pressing the Ctrl key (Microsoft Windows) or the Apple key (Mac OS) on your keyboard and using the + or – key to zoom in and out

  • pressing Ctrl on your keyboard and scrolling with your mouse wheel.

Compatibility with internet browsers

Our website works best with the latest internet browser technology.

Our website uses GovCMS, which is built using Drupal core. Drupal core supports:

  • Google Chrome (desktop)

  • Firefox and Firefox ESR (desktop)

  • Safari (desktop)

  • Microsoft Edge (desktop)

  • Opera (desktop)

  • Internet Explorer (desktop)

  • Safari for iOS (mobile)

  • Chrome for iOS (mobile)

  • Chrome for Android (mobile)

  • UC Browser (mobile)

  • Opera Mini (mobile)

  • Samsung Internet (mobile).

Technical specifications

Our website relies on the following technologies to work with the combination of web browser and assistive technologies or plug-ins installed on your computer:

  • HTML


  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • DOM.

Limitations and alternatives

Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility of our website, there may be some limitations. Below is a description of known limitations and potential solutions.

<insert if applicable>

Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed above.

Formal complaints

We treat all accessibility complaints seriously and handle them quickly. We aim to respond to feedback within 3 business days.

You are entitled to escalate a complaint through our complaints and feedback page.

Our department recognises the First Peoples of this Nation and their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to the lands, waters, seas, skies, and communities.

We Acknowledge First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Custodians and Lore Keepers of the oldest living culture and pay respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to all First Nations Peoples.