Space matters more than you may realise

Space technologies are seamlessly integrated into life on Earth.

What we can see and the data we collect from space supports all kinds of practical things – from online banking and shopping to forecasting weather and GPS.

The space sector also supports our efforts to create a more sustainable environment, as well as making us healthier and safer. 

Space makes us think bigger – to push the boundaries of what is possible. It encourages us to be curious, to innovate, and enhance our way of life.

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Everyday life

Space provides weather forecasts, navigation and communications on-the-go.

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Space helps address global challenges such as climate change.

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Space creates opportunities for medical innovation and better health.

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Space technologies protect us from adversity and risks, such as natural disasters.

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Space generates new ideas for solving problems.

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Why space matters

Explore in more detail how space improves our lives.

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Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot. The only home we’ve ever known 

– Carl Sagan (Astronomer)



Earth: Our precious space

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we are facing as a planet. 

Here are some examples of how space plays an important role in making Earth a more sustainable place.

Satellites monitor changing environmental conditions of our oceans, land, and atmosphere.

Agricultural equipment can be remotely controlled with the help of satellites to maximise farm productivity and efficiency.

Space tech forecasts energy production and identifies the best locations for renewable energy.

Satellites monitor pollution to inform how we protect the air we breathe.

Satellites collect and relay sensor data to track wildlife, which helps manage and protect their habitats.

Satellites sense soil moisture and vegetation and land characteristics to help increase crop yield.

Space supporting industries and our planet

Read about how space technology improves various industries and protects Earth.

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Exploring space with Australian resources

The Australian technology used in mining and resources has more crossover into space exploration and science than you may think. 

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Farm equipment

Homegrown AgTech using space to benefit farmers

Australia’s economy and our way of living is becoming more reliant on space –and this is opening significant opportunities for agriculture.

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An image of underwater life.

Protecting our oceans and water, using space

Satellites play an important role in monitoring and maintaining the quality of Earth’s water. Space technology is helping protect Australia’s marine ecosystems and offshore industries.

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