Space activities and approvals

For those applicants who intend to conduct space activities, please refer the list below and apply for the appropriate authorisations. All relevant approvals must be sought before any space activity is conducted in Australia.

The Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 regulates certain space activities in Australia or by Australian nationals overseas.

This licence authorises the use of a specifically designed and constructed facility to launch space objects.

Read more and apply for a launch facility licence


A rocket being launched

Applicants must have a permit to launch a space object from an Australian launch facility, Australian aircraft or foreign aircraft in Australian airspace. This permit may also authorise a connected return.

Read more and apply for an Australian launch permit.


a view of Australia from space

Applicants must have an overseas payload permit if you are an Australian national launching a space object using a specified launch vehicle from a facility or place outside Australia.

Read more and apply for an overseas payload permit

3D image of earth with deep space one spacecraft above Australia.


A high power rocket is a rocket that will not reach or exceed an altitude of 100km above mean sea level, among other specifications.

Read more and apply for an Australian high power rocket permit


Rocket taking off

There are two types of applications for return authorisations:

  • Standard return application (for most types of return)
  • Overseas return application (for returns overseas that meet certain criteria)

Read more and apply for return authorisation


A gold and a silver CubeSat float in the dark sky of space above the Earth.

Conducting space activities that require other approvals.

More relevant legislation

Depending on your activity you may also be subject to regulation by other agencies. Some examples include:

  • Radiocommunications licensing, for communicating with satellites.
  • Air traffic regulations.
  • Maritime rules and regulations.
  • Commonwealth, State and Territory bodies, such as environmental agencies.

This list is not exhaustive.

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