Australia is a great place to do space.

We have leading capabilities in areas like robotics and remote operations, optical and quantum communications, ground stations networks, and remote health science. 

Our space industry is producing new innovations that support launch and nanosatellite capability. It also has established state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver important space-based services.

Combined with our nation's desirable geography and world-class research institutions, Australia is making its mark on the global space economy.

Learn about Australia’s unique, cutting-edge space technologies through our industry case studies, Space Spotlight series, and our Outback To Orbit podcast.  


The Australian Space Agency has supported more than 70 projects to advance national space capabilities and boost Australia's contribution to the global space economy.


An evening photo of a passive radar in the Australian outback

Caption: Silentium's Oculus Observatory in regional South Australia. 

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Outback to Orbit

Space Matters more than you realise. 

To discuss this more in detail we'll be speaking with some of our partners who would shed light on Australia's domestic space activities and its impacts. 

First episode to drop in May 2024. 

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Caption main image: Australian Space Automation, AI and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC)

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