The Australian Space Agency and Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) signed a statement of intent which highlights LMA’s commitment to investment in space systems and services, technological capabilities, and STEM education initiatives.

L-R: LMA Managing Director, Mr Rod Drury and Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency, Mr Anthony Murfett


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The Australian Space Agency, an Australian Government agency within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency” and represented by Dr Megan Clark AC, Head, Australian Space Agency and Lockheed Martin Australia, hereinafter referred to as “LMA” and in this case, represented by Vince Di Pietro AM, CSC, Chief Executive and delegated to Mr Rod Drury, Managing Director, representing Australia & New Zealand Lockheed Martin Space.

  • Recalling that the Agency’s purpose is to transform and grow the Australian space sector and the broader use of space across the Australian economy and to inspire and deliver benefit to all Australians;
  • Recalling that the Agency’s areas of strategic priority include: communications, operations and ground stations; position, navigation and timing, space situational awareness (SSA), research and development, earth observation and remote asset management in space and on earth;
  • Recalling that the Agency is responsible for national civil space policy and coordination, international and national cooperation and partnership to achieve shared ambitions, Australia’s international obligations and treaties; building national capability in the space sector and Australia’s regulations, obligations and licencing for the civil space sector.
  • Recalling that LMA is an Australian company engaged in research, design, development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services; and is part of Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 100,000 people worldwide;
  • Recalling that LMA has a strategic priority to invest in partnerships with Australia’s research and industry communities to support global supply chains, providing opportunities for technology transfer, innovation, local skilled jobs and sustainable business growth;
  • Recalling that in 2017, LMA signed a three year ‘Global Supply Chain’ agreement with the Australian Department of Defence to grow the international competitiveness of small to medium sized Australian companies and their ability to enter export markets.
  • Acknowledging that the Agency and LMA share the objective of enhancing the capability and competitiveness of Australian industry and promoting investments in space capabilities and capacities, that will support smart growth and highly qualified jobs as well as improving the day-to-day lives of all Australians through innovative products and services;
  • Acknowledging that the Agency as an Australian Government agency is committed to open, transparent and significant industry engagement;
  • Acknowledging that LMA currently provides a range of products and services to the Australian Defence Force including next generation pilot training, combat systems integration, rotary wing systems and sustainment, 5th generation air combat capability, radar systems sustainment and surveillance across the air, sea, land and space domains;
  • Acknowledging that LMA has a growing footprint in Australia providing civilian products and services to domains such as energy, transport, data analytics, quantum computing, signals and processing;
  • Acknowledging that LMA actively invests in Australian educational and development programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) such as the National Youth Science Forum, the Aerospace Futures program and Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia;

Through this Joint Statement, LMA acknowledges the following capabilities currently being delivered in Australia and future plans which are of mutual interest:

  • LMA owns and operates the Tracking, Telemetry and Control (TT&C) facility located near Uralla in New South Wales. LMA utilises the Uralla TT&C facility to provide mission critical support services. Opportunities for the Agency and LMA could include exploring options to grow Uralla TT&C services and increase operational capability and capacity.
  • LMA is one of four industry participants delivering the Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) test-bed program, being led by Geosciences Australia. LMA delivers the SBAS test-bed signal from the Uralla TT&C facility. Opportunities for LMA could include exploring the application of SBAS services across the broader economy as the Government continues its ongoing open investment in SBAS.
  • LMA has invested in the development and testing of SSA services using Australian based capabilities. Opportunities for the Agency and LMA could include exploring the potential to mature and grow the demand for SSA related services.
  • LMA understands the importance of growing the capabilities and capacity of the Australian workforce to meet the future needs of the growing space economy. LMA continues to contribute to STEM and community awareness programs focused on space, like the International Astronautical Congress and the Symposium of the Committee of Space Research. The Agency and LMA could explore opportunities to maintain and grow the support for education and community awareness programs including opportunities for internships and staff exchange programs to support the growth of Australia’s national space capabilities.
  • Explore the potential contribution of LMA’s various products and software tools to develop and deliver civilian applications and services.
  • Build on LMA’s growing investment in research and development with the intent to commercialise capabilities and potentially export the solutions.
  • LMA will explore a knowledge exchange with the Agency to better understand the opportunities for developing a domestic launch ecosystem building on LMA’s global expertise.

This Statement constitutes the expression of both parties’ intention to continue discussions. This Statement does not create legal obligations between the parties and does not establish the obligation to enter into a certain agreement.




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