The Australian Space Agency and Nova Systems Australia signed a statement of intent. This confirmed Nova Systems commitment to enhancing the capability and competitiveness of the Australian space sector through:

  • Future satellite communications through the development of a combined commercial, research and development, and training and simulation ground station;
  • Tackling the predictive and interpretation aspects of space situational awareness for the nation’s space-based infrastructure and improving the user-data interface;
  • Specialist training and support to Australian industry and government in negotiating the certification and regulation of space systems;
  • Provision of capability assurance services to enable Australasian space launch; and
  • Student internships to support the development of Australia’s future space engineers

L-R: Head of the Australian Space Agency, Dr Megan Clark AC and Nova Systems Australia Chief Executive, Mr Steven Robinson


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The Australian Space Agency, an Australian government agency within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, hereinafter referred to as "the Agency" and represented by Dr Megan Clark AC, Head Australian Space Agency and Nova Systems Australia, hereinafter referred to as "Nova" and represented by Mr Steven Robinson, Chief Executive, Nova Systems Australia.

  • Recalling that the Agency's purpose is to transform and grow the Australian space sector and the broader use of space across the Australian economy and to inspire and deliver benefit to all Australians;
  • Recalling that the Agency areas of strategic priority include communication; operations and ground stations; position, navigation and timing; space situational awareness; research and development; earth observation and remote asset management in space and on earth;
  • Recalling that the Agency is responsible for whole-of-government coordination of civil space matters and is the primary source of advice to the Australian Government on civil space policy including: Providing national policy and strategic advice on the civil space sector; Coordinating Australia's domestic civil space sector activities; Supporting the growth of Australia's space industry and the use of space across the broader economy; Leading international civil space engagement; Administering space activities legislation and delivering on our international obligations; Inspiring the Australian community and the next generation of space entrepreneurs.
  • Recalling that Nova is an Australian company specialising in the provision of engineering and management services, providing industry and government with world class independent expertise in delivering complex projects and solving technologically challenging problems;
  • Recalling that Nova's strategic purpose is to play a significant role in the space sector by providing a leading operational capability in future satellite communications, data analytics, complex system modelling, system safety, and space situational awareness technologies through:
    • extensive satellite and range services capabilities;
    • a proven assurance offering enabling complex systems of systems capabilities;
    • current research and development in satellite ground segment; and
    • skills in space data exploitation and software development.
  • Recalling Nova's depth of specialist space segment knowledge and experience in the acquisition, introduction into service, and certification of large, space-based capabilities, uniquely equips Nova to provide training, certification, systems safety and engineering support to the nation's space sector in the strategic areas of communications, operations and ground segment, and space situational awareness.
  • Acknowledging that the Agency and Nova share the objective of enhancing the capability and competitiveness of Australian industry and promoting investments in space capabilities and capacities, that will support smart growth and highly qualified jobs as well as improving the day-to-day lives of all Australians through innovative products and services;
  • Acknowledging that the Agency as an Australian government agency is committed to open, transparent and significant industry engagement;
  • Acknowledging that Nova has a proven history of supporting capability assurance for Government and Industry across the Air, Land, Sea and Space domains and has extensive experience and corporate knowledge in this area. Nova Systems will leverage their experience in delivering new Satellite Communications Capabilities under the many phases of 3P2008 (Wideband Global SATCOM Capabilities), Hypersonic Trials under the HiFire Program and experience as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering specialist capability assurance training, to support the Australian Space Agency's vision.

Through this Statement, Nova acknowledges the following current projects, areas of strategic interest and growth, potential new areas of collaboration and support for education and training which are of interest to the nation.

  • Next Generation Ground Stations

    The development of next-generation ground stations, with a focus on optimised servicing of large constellations of small, non-geostationary satellites and the provision of advanced modelling of complex systems and data analytics.
  • Space Situational Awareness Analytics

    The use and development of tools and analytics for operational space enabled situational awareness, along with improvements to the user experience and the problem of fusing information.
  • Space Capability Training

    Development and provision of a unique, executive-level training course for senior executives with space responsibilities to educate them on space capabilities and their acquisition. Continued offering of student internships in various aerospace areas to support the pipeline of future space engineers.
  • Capability Assurance Services

    Provision of capability assurance services to enable Australasian space launch.

This Statement constitutes the expression of both parties' intention to continue discussions. This statement does not create legal obligations between the parties and does not establish the obligation to enter into a certain agreement.



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