The Australian Space Agency and Speedcast International Ltd signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation which supports the expansion and growth of the space sector in Australia through partnerships, collaboration and resource investment.

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The Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Australian Space Agency, part of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency” and represented by Dr Megan Clark AC, Head, Australian Space Agency; and Speedcast International Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “Speedcast” and represented by Mr Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO, Speedcast;

Recalling that the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028 (Strategy) is a framework for the development and growth of the Australian space industry over ten years; underpinned by four strategic pillars: International; National; Responsible; and Inspire. Under these pillars the strategy outlines a plan to realise opportunities and address challenges by opening doors internationally; increasing national space capability; promoting responsible regulation, risk and space culture; and building the future workforce. The Strategy sets a path for the Agency to triple the size of Australia’s space sector to $12 billion and create another 20,000 jobs by 2030;

Recalling that the Agency's purpose is to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that lifts the broader economy, inspires and improves the lives of Australians – underpinned by strong international and national engagement;

Recalling that the Agency has seven National Civil Space Priority Areas under the Strategy including communications technologies and services; position, navigation and timing infrastructure; space situational awareness and debris monitoring; leapfrog research and development; Earth observation services; robotics and automation on Earth and in space; and access to space;

Recalling that Speedcast operates and supports a global, multi-access, multi-band and multi-orbit satellite network to support enterprise and government services globally;

Recognising that Speedcast operates and focusses its resources in the support and development of key industry verticals: Energy; Maritime; Government and; Enterprise and Emerging Markets;

Recalling that Speedcast's advantage is its people who have a foundation in the following values of agile and responsive, success through people and safety, and team spirit to ensure that they meet their customers’ communications needs, when and wherever required;

Recalling that Speedcast are supportive in expanding and growing the space sector in Australia, through partnerships, collaboration, and resource investment;

Acknowledging that the Agency and Speedcast share the objective of enhancing the capability and competitiveness of Australian industry and promoting investments in space capabilities and capacities that will support smart growth and highly qualified jobs, as well as improving the day to day lives of all Australians through innovative products and services;

Acknowledging that the Agency as an Australian government agency is committed to open, transparent and significant industry engagement;

Acknowledging that Speedcast has committed to, or completed, the following projects:

  • Managed Satellite Services - following the successful $184 million contract with nbn to design, build and operate nbn’s Business Satellite Service, Speedcast will now be able to establish enterprise-grade, satellite services for nbn and other commercial satellite operators, constructors and owner-operators. These managed services along with Speedcast’s broad customer base and experience bridges the gap in the satellite business model by delivering end-to-end managed services to support ease of access for service providers and new monetisation opportunities for satellite operators
  • STEM – Speedcast, or its subsidiaries, have provided scholarship support for Australian students to attend accredited training programs. This is an example of Speedcast’s commitment to the next generation of space leaders.
  • Returning Internet to Christmas Island – Speedcast, with the Australian Government, has delivered Wireless Satellite and 4G network services on Christmas Island to allow a transition period for Australia’s National Broadband Network services to be installed more widely on the island. The satellite service utilised the O3B satellite network for internet connectivity – this network specialises in providing internet access in areas where broadband is traditionally not available.
  • Connecting Australian Antarctic Stations - Speedcast provides the Australian Antarctic program with mission-critical and life-saving satellite communications to the outside world, enabling these facilities to conduct world-class scientific and environmental research in Antarctica.

Speedcast is an acknowledged leader in delivery of critical communications to some of the most valuable, remote and high-risk projects and operations in the world. Speedcast continues to evolve the business to integrate the latest technologies in Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Network Optimisation.

Through this Joint Statement, Speedcast acknowledges the following current projects, areas of strategic interest and growth, potential new areas of collaboration and support for education and training which are of interest to the nation.

  • Connectivity – Speedcast is investing in the Australian space sector through the export of Australia’s satellite intellectual property and research and development into new space sectors including:
    • Outsourced Satellite Managed Services: Speedcast intend to deliver world leading satellite managed services in support of sovereign and international satellite operators. 
    • IoT: Speedcast is building on its growing IoT capabilities to explore the applications of space connectivity for key economic sectors with industry partners.
    • Maritime Mobility: Speedcast intend to further develop new products, software and services to build on its leadership position in mobility and maritime connectivity.
    • Value-Added Services: Speedcast is identifying opportunities to collaborate with key partners and suppliers to enables its strategy of becoming an “Information Service Provider”.
  • Communications as a path to economic development – Speedcast currently delivers services to internet-enable emerging markets globally. Speedcast will build on its leading presence in the Latin American, African, Middle East and Pacific regions to further support emerging nations growth and benefit from connectivity via satellite.
  • Transform and Grow – Speedcast is willing to open its supply chain to collaborate with local industry in order to explore the possibilities around transforming and growing a globally respected Australian space industry including:
    • Access to global supply chains: Speedcast have initiatives, globally, to partner with application providers who can leverage Speedcast’s global supply chain and reach and are committed to exploring these opportunities with Australian-based industry.
    • Collaboration: Speedcast intends to identify key partnerships with Australian businesses to support its growth globally, by partnering proactively and creating opportunities for our customers and local businesses.
  • Future Space Leaders – Speedcast is committed to the support and develop the next generation of space leaders:
    • Space internships: Speedcast have a long history of supporting internships and scholarships programs and will commit resources to establish an internship program with Australian SMEs and research institutions.

This Statement constitutes the expression of both parties' intention to continue discussions. This Statement does not create any legal relations or obligations between the parties, and neither party makes any representation or promise, nor gives any information, that may be relied upon by the other party.


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