The Australian Space Agency signed a joint Statement of Intent with the United Kingdom Space Agency which will strengthen their industry ties through the formation of a Space Bridge.

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Building on a long standing, close and productive friendship between the United Kingdom and Australia, the United Kingdom Space Agency and the Australian Space Agency together with the UK Department of International Trade (DIT), and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), declare their intent to establish a ‘UK-Australia Space Bridge’.

Following on from the 2nd October 2018 signing of the UK Space Agency – Australian Space Agency Memorandum of Understanding, and the recognition of the advantages and benefits arising for international cooperation in the space industry, the UK-Australia Space Bridge provides the opportunity for:

  • enhanced space policy coordination
  • increased industry collaboration and growth for both nation’s space sectors
  • the facilitation of trade flows in the space sector and more investment opportunities
  • institutional and research collaboration
  • international trade and investment missions
  • scientific and academic exchange
  • the development of landing pads.

The UK-Australia Space Bridge will also encourage increased information exchange including on emerging trends and issues, as well as the sharing of best practice.

Both Heads of Agency look forward to establishing a platform that will grow opportunities for industry and connectivity between the UK and Australian space sectors.

This statement forms the starting point towards the development of a Space Bridge Framework Agreement between the UK and Australia, anticipated to be completed by mid-2020. The Framework Agreement intends to provide scope for a Space Bridge Programme of Work to support the aims, objectives, and ambitions of both nations.

The UK Space Agency and the Australian Space Agency will work with the UK DIT and Austrade, with the support of space industry partners in both countries to develop and implement the UK-Australia Space Bridge.

This statement does not create any legal obligations between the parties and does not establish the obligation to enter into a certain agreement.



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