Are you a natural communicator with an eye for creating content and promoting organisations? The space industry needs communications and marketing professionals to promote how space benefits life on Earth.

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What do communications and marketing professionals do?

Communications and marketing professionals create content for different channels and audiences to promote their organisation and its goals.

Communications and marketing covers a broad range of roles, including:

  • marketing and advertising specialists
  • communications officers
  • social media coordinators
  • journalists and copywriters
  • event coordinators and managers
  • public relations specialists
  • graphic designers and illustrators
  • photographers, videographers and audio producers
  • website designers and content managers.

These roles are responsible for promoting their organisation, communicating its key messages and protecting its brand. Most businesses have an individual or team devoted to communications and marketing. Many also outsource some (or even all) of these tasks to freelancers or agencies that specialise in different skills.

What you’ll need to know and do

Communications and marketing skills are transferable across multiple industries, so a background in science isn’t always necessary. However, the ability to communicate with subject matter experts and translate their knowledge into easily understandable content is critical. Understanding different audiences and their needs is also critical to creating effective marketing materials.

Many of these roles involve designing marketing and communication strategies as well as creating the required content. Communications professionals need to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing. This is so that they can choose the best tools and strategies for their organisation.

Your study pathway 

TAFE courses and degrees in the following study areas may also be relevant to a career in communications and marketing:

  • communications
  • media studies
  • advertising
  • marketing
  • journalism
  • public relations
  • design and visual communication
  • creative industries
  • event management
  • digital media
  • UX and web design.

Many universities in Australia offer degrees in these areas. Visit individual university websites for more information.

Key resources

Our key space career job roles and study pathways information is packaged up into downloadable PDFs that students, teachers or parents can easily browse through and keep as a handy reference.

Careers in space booklet image

Careers in space booklet

Our space career booklet covers all the space careers we talk about online, and can be downloaded by students, teachers or parents to read, share or use in the classroom.


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