A Roo on the Moon

The votes are in! Roo-ver is the name of Australia’s rover that will head to the Moon with NASA in a future Artemis mission.

As part of a two-phase nationwide competition, which entailed 8,000 name entries and nearly 20,000 public votes, Roo-ver was announced as the winner from the top four shortlist. With 35 per cent of the votes, voters felt Roo-ver reflected the Australian spirit.

The other three shortlisted names for the public to consider were Coolamon, Kakirra and Mateship.

An illustration of Australia's rover on the moon
A snapshot of the results after the rover naming competition ended on Saturday 1 December.


What’s in the name?

Roo-ver was entered by Siwa from New South Wales who said:

“Our lunar rover deserves to be named after something iconically Australian, reflecting the Aussie spirit as we launch into this new endeavour. A kangaroo is part of the Australian Coat of Arms and it's time for Australian science to take the next leap all the way up into space.”


Space matters

Reflecting on the competition, Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo found the high engagement from the Australian public a promising sign for the future.

“This competition has been an important way for us to bring the Australian people with us on what is our ‘boldest adventure yet’. With Roo-ver we can continue to inspire Australians by showing the boundary pushing work being done right here, and the ways that space benefits our everyday lives.

What is the lunar rover’s mission?

The rover is being developed under the Trailblazer Program of the Australian Space Agency’s flagship Moon to Mars initiative.

Two Australian consortiums – AROSE and ELO2 – are currently working on early-stage rover concepts. The Agency will assess and then select one of the consortia to design and develop the fully realised rover for its mission to the Moon.

Roo-ver will travel to the Moon on a NASA rocket as part of a future Artemis mission. Its primary role to collect lunar soil, known as regolith, from which oxygen will be extracted – a vital element to assessing sustainable human presence on the Moon and for future missions on to Mars.

An illustration of Australia's rover on the moon

Australia we are going to the Moon

Roo-ver is the name of our history-making rover, but how much do you actually know about it?

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