The Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative is significant investment in Australian industry to grow the national space sector.

This flagship program will accelerate the growth of Australia’s space industry and showcase our best ideas and technologies to world. The result will see Australia advancing its contribution to the global space economy, while also supporting NASA’s Moon to Mars endeavours and future space missions. 

The initiative includes the Trailblazer Program, which will see the design and development of an Australian-made rover go to the Moon with NASA as part of its Artemis program.

Illustration of Australia's mission on the moon.

Australia's contribution to Artemis

NASA is establishing sustainable exploration on the Moon through the Artemis human exploration program. Collaborating with commercial and international partners to return to the Moon will prepare us for missions to travel on to Mars. 

The Moon to Mars initiative will enable more Australian companies and researchers to take part in the commercial space economy, and contribute to programs such as Artemis, through the Agency’s backing of Australian technologies and capabilities.

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Trailblazer Program

The Australian Space Agency, in partnership with NASA, is working with Australia’s space industry to design and build an Australian-made rover, Roo-ver, as part of the Trailblazer program under the Moon to Mars initiative.

Drawing on Australia’s world-leading remote operations expertise, Roo-ver will collect lunar soil, known as regolith, and NASA will attempt to extract oxygen from the sample. This is a key step towards a sustainable human presence on the Moon.

Two Australian consortiums – AROSE and ELO2 – are currently working on early-stage rover concepts as part of Stage One of the Trailblazer program.  Stage Two will see one consortium selected to design and develop the fully realised rover for its mission to the Moon.

Meet Roo-ver Learn more about the G'Day Moon campaign

An illustration of Australia's rover on the moon

Documenting the making of our Aussie-made lunar rover 

Watch our video series highlighting the work being undertaken by our two Australian industry consortia – AROSE and ELO2 – who are developing early-stage concepts for Roo-ver, the nation’s first lunar rover. 

Advancing national capabilities

An iconic moment for the country

First-hand stories from the teams

Funding Australian space tech

 We have been supporting several to help Australian businesses and research institutions complete space projects.

This program draws on Australia’s competitive strengths. It builds capability and helps a variety of industries deliver products and services into global space supply chains.

This can include backing businesses to:

  • develop a product from an adjacent industry, such as manufacturing and resources, to support the space sector
  • improve or qualify an existing product to meet a supplier standard for an international space company 
  • buy, lease, construct, install or commission equipment, including specialist software.

Visit our page to find out about our Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants Recipients 

This program consists of two funding streams that support Australian businesses and researchers:

1) Demonstrator Feasibility Grants

  • Provides industry and research institutions with grant funds to conduct feasibility testing to transform concepts into next generation space products and services.
  • $4 million in funding was provided across 20 organisations.

Visit our page to find out about our Demonstrator Feasibility Grants Recipients.

2) Demonstrator Mission Grants

  • The funding will give companies a boost to get their technologies ready for space and value-add to a range of other industries.
  • 10 projects shared in close to $40 million in funding under this program.

Visit our page to find out about our Demonstrator Mission Grants Recipients.

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