Project at a glance

  • NASA is establishing sustainable exploration through the Artemis human exploration program. Collaborating with commercial and international partners to return to the Moon will prepare us for missions to travel on to Mars.
  • This initiative is providing a $150 million investment to grow the space industry and provide Australian companies and researchers with the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and capabilities in projects that can support NASA
  • The initiative includes three investment programs: the Supply Chain program, Demonstrator Program, and Trailblazer program.

Key facts

  • $150 million investment from the Australian Government 
  • 3 investment programs 
  • Working with NASA


  • Support Australia’s ambitions to join NASA’s endeavour to go to the Moon and on to Mars
  • Accelerate the growth of the Agency’s economic and employment targets
  • Demonstrate Australian capabilities to the world.


Render of Moon base

Supply chain program

Funds projects that deliver products and services to space supply chains. The Supply Chain Program consists of 2 elements: Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants and Supply Chain Facilitation.

Demonstrator program

Provides a pathway to develop and launch products into space, which will create new capability and build space heritage. The Demonstrator program consists of 2 elements: Demonstrator Feasibility Grants and Demonstrator Mission Grants. Australian small- and medium-sized businesses will be able to access up to $10 million to help launch their products into space.

Trailblazer program

The flagship element of the Moon to Mars Initiative. It supports NASA’s space exploration program and their endeavour to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars.

G'Day Moon campaign

As part of the Moon to Mars initiative, G’Day Moon is our first mission to the Moon. Partnering with NASA, we will fly an Australian-made, semi-autonomous rover to the Moon. This is a key step towards establishing a sustainable human presence on the Moon, as well supporting future missions to Mars.

Successful projects

Advanced Navigation

With support from the Australian Space Agency through the Moon to Mars Supply Chain program, Advanced Navigation has developed AI-based navigation systems to autonomously explore the Moon and beyond to Mars.

Nova-C Lander on the Moon

Credit: Advanced Navigation

Next Aero

NextAero’s receipt of a $1m Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability grant has enabled the company to provide propulsion and fluid system testing, design, acceptance and R&D services to the Australian and international market.

nextAero engine in grass field on farm

Credit: NextAero


Skykraft received $1.76 million through the Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement program to upgrade its proprietary Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) into a high fidelity and accurate pointing system. The image is an artist's impression of Skykraft Block II satellite/s in space.


Satellite orbits earth

Credit: Skykraft

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