The sky is not the limit, and its future explorers are sitting in Australian classrooms right now. 

A new study finds that space is almost every Australian child’s dream with a whopping 87 per cent interested in finding new planets, stars, and galaxies. 

The research has also found seven in ten kids from “The Space Generation” want to go to space one day, while 75% of parents agree their kids are more likely to travel to space than previous generations.

To support this curiosity, LEGO Australia is collaborating with the Australian Space Agency and Australian Astronaut Katherine Bennell-Pegg on a new campaign. 

The campaign includes the unveiling of new ESA LEGO Space Bricks, made up of meteorite dust.

The bricks will be on show at the world’s biggest LEGO Store in Sydney on 16 July. Young space enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to meet the Aussie astronaut at the store, in her first public event since her return home. 


The Australian Space Agency and LEGO Australia share a unified vision for exploration and discovery, and I believe that unlocking creativity through the medium of LEGO play will give Aussie kids the very best chance to pursue their passion and prepare them for the future.

~ Australian Astronaut Katherine Bennell-Pegg


In a galaxy not so far away

Meet Australian Astronaut Katherine Bennell-Pegg.

  • When? Tuesday 16th July

  • What time? 10:00am

  • Where? LEGO Certified Store, 400 George Street, entry is via Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

image of a space themed lego.

Caption: An illustration of the new ESA LEGO Space Brick.

Fostering imaginations

The latest LEGO Space Bricks were created with scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) where Katherine completed astronaut training. They used dust from a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite to 3D print bricks, which would not only support children's creativity and imagination, but are also being used to design launch pads and shelters for astronauts visiting the moon.

“Building on our research, we take great pride in revealing our pioneering collaboration with the Australian Space Agency, and the incredible Katherine Bennell-Pegg. With much of the universe still undiscovered, The LEGO Group has been drawing inspiration from space for over 50 years to foster kids’ imaginations through the ultimate creative medium of LEGO bricks,” Troy Taylor, Vice President & General Manager, Australia & New Zealand at The LEGO Group. 

Space Careers Quiz

Which space career is right for you?

Navigate a day on the Moon in our short interactive quiz to find out which role best suits your strengths.


Main image: Australian Astronaut Katherine Bennell-Pegg holding the new ESA LEGO Space Brick. 

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