The Australian Space Agency has given regulatory approval for a commercial rocket launch to take place from a newly licensed launch facility.

The Australian Space Agency has given regulatory approval for the first commercial rocket launch to take place later this year. The launch will take place in regional South Australia.

Southern Launch’s recently licenced Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex will be the launching pad for Taiwanese company tiSPACE’s Hapith I. This is a 10 metre two-staged suborbital hybrid rocket.

Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo said Australia is serious about growing its emerging launch industry and contribution to the global space sector.

“This is a significant milestone that will help pave the way for future commercial launches from Australia,” Mr Palermo said.

“We are passionate about growing a thriving space industry, one that can open doors for our national space sector to launch technologies from home and attract greater investment from international launch customers.” 

The Whalers Way launch site will support a test launch campaign for up to three suborbital rockets. Data from the test launch will be collected to measure environmental impacts to see if the location is suitable for future launches.

A rocket on a launch pad.

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