The Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment to grow the space industry.

Through this initiative, Australia has the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and capabilities in projects that can support NASA.  

NASA is establishing sustainable exploration through the Artemis human exploration program. Collaborating with commercial and international partners to return to the Moon will prepare us for missions to travel on to Mars. 

Our aim is for more Australian companies and researchers to take part in the space economy. By being a part of national and international projects, we will create jobs and further position Australia as a global space player.

The Moon to Mars initiative

The initiative includes three investment programs.

Supply Chain Program

This program draws on Australia’s competitive strengths. It builds capability and helps a variety of industries deliver products and services into global space supply chains.

This can include backing businesses to:

  • develop a product from an adjacent industry, such as manufacturing and resources, to support the space sector
  • improve or qualify an existing product to meet a supplier standard for an international space company 
  • buy, lease, construct, install or commission equipment, including specialist software

Apply for supply chain grants. Applications are ongoing and open until 1 May 2023.

Demonstrator Program

This program supports Australian businesses and researchers to develop and launch space products or projects. By doing so, it will showcase our space strengths to the world.

This can include backing products or projects focused on the following:

  • robotics and automation
  • satellite communications
  • remote medicine applications
  • propulsion technology 

Trailblazer Program

This is the signature program of the initiative. It will see Australia play a direct role in NASA’s mission to go to the Moon and on to Mars.

This can include investing in and applying Australian capability for the mission across the following areas:

  • autonomous systems such as a rover
  • next generation communications
  • componentry for a lunar probe or vehicle
  • scientific research expertise in minerals

The Moon to Mars initiative will accelerate the growth of Australia’s space industry. The initiative showcases our best ideas and technologies to world.

The overall result will see Australia contributing to the global space sector, while supporting NASA’s Moon to Mars endeavours and future space missions. 

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