Space organisations have the opportunity to tap into a new Australian Government initiative which aims to enhance the nation's telecommunication sector though the application of innovative quantum technologies.

The Critical Technologies Challenge Program (CTCP) will offer up to $36 million to fund the development and adoption of a range of quantum-based solutions, including communication services across key Australian sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and mining.

As a nation, we are already known for our contributions to the field of quantum via the development of:

  • the building blocks of silicon and optical based quantum computing
  • designs for quantum communications networks
  • critical components for quantum sensing technologies.

However, innovations in the communication sector with autonomous systems could significantly enhance workforce productivity, particularly in regional Australia.


An opportunity for the Australian space sector 

The development of both Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) connected and GPS/ GNSS‑denied environments is becoming an increasingly crucial issue.

This program will give the Australian space sector an opportunity to access grants to address these market-led challenges of national significance.

The Australian Space Agency’s work to enhance understanding of the market identified quantum technology is one of the areas of greatest opportunity for the growing domestic space sector.

"The space domain is a key enabler of quantum services, and the use of quantum technologies has become more prevalent in this sector, " said the Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo at a recent Quantum Meets Space event.

Main image caption: Digital map of Australia illustrating the concepts connectivity, and telecommunication. | Credit: Areesha, Adobe Stock

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