Space is a truly cross-cutting industry, and quantum and space are the perfect pairing that will bring tremendous benefits across a range of Earth based sectors.

As a nation, we are known for our contributions to the field of quantum via the development of:

  • the building blocks of silicon and optical based quantum computing,
  • designs for quantum communications networks, and
  • critical components for quantum sensing technologies

The Australian Space Agency’s work to enhance understanding of the market identified quantum technology as one of the areas of greatest opportunity for the Australian space sector. At Today's 'Quantum Meets Space' event – a partnership between the Australian Space Agency, the Office of the Chief Scientist and CSRIO – representatives from the Australian space sector and beyond came together to explore this further.

The event was an important forum to discuss, workshop and identify existing and future ways quantum technologies could revolutionise space through its technologies that support our lives on Earth and those that enhance our exploration of the universe. 

The space domain is a key enabler of quantum services and the use of quantum technologies has become more prevalent in this sector. 

~ Head of the Australian Space Agency Enrico Palermo

What is Quantum technology?

  • It is a field of study that includes quantum computing, sensors, communications and more.  

  • Quantum capabilities can be used for tasks like optimizing mission trajectories, simulating complex systems, and designing advanced materials for spacecraft construction.
  • Quantum allow us to see and engineer the world at ever smaller scales and is already changing many aspects of science and the economy.
A telescope

Caption: ANU Quantum Optical Ground Station, supported by the Australian Space Agency, is a telescope supporting high-speed advanced communications with satellites from low-Earth orbit to the Moon and other deep space laser communication. Credit: The Australian National University

Quantum and Space in Australia

The space domain is a key enabler of quantum services, and the use of quantum technologies has become more prevalent in this sector. 

Australian companies like Advanced Navigation are working on technologies such as Quantum Inertial Navigation systems. This technology can help solve problems that occur when operating missions on the Moon or even Mars where there is not a GPS support for navigation. 

"Leveraging the space environment to develop and enable quantum technologies that will help drive the next generation of secure quantum communication, Earth observation and remote sensing to improve various industries and challenges we face on Earth," Mr Palermo added.

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