Test, test and test again –  testing takes place at every stage in aerospace engineering, but production is where it all comes together. Explore how this career pathways works in the space industry.

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The Rundown

What do production test technicians do?

Production test technicians monitor, adjust and test processes and equipment in the production environment. Testing takes place at every stage in aerospace engineering, but production is where it all comes together. 

Production test technicians are responsible for ensuring tests meet relevant verification standards. They also help senior test engineers and managers integrate testing into production workflows.

What you’ll need to know and do

Production test technicians need a broad understanding of engineering. This is so that they can plan, design and carry out tests in the lab or the field.

They work alongside senior test engineers and project managers to help develop test procedures. They also help establish the technical requirements for tests, along with the budget and schedule.

Your study pathway 

The following TAFE or university courses are relevant to becoming a production test technician:

  • engineering, mechanical trade
  • engineering, technical 
  • applied technologies. 

Key resources

Our key space career job roles and study pathways information is packaged up into downloadable PDFs that students, teachers or parents can easily browse through and keep as a handy reference.

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Careers in space booklet

Our space career booklet covers all the space careers we talk about online, and can be downloaded by students, teachers or parents to read, share or use in the classroom.


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