We support the growth of the sector through a range of programs which connect Australian business and research organisations with international space agencies and the broader space ecosystem.  

Opportunities for Australian businesses

Moon to Mars initiative  

NASA is establishing sustainable exploration through the Artemis human exploration program. Collaborating with commercial and international partners to return to the Moon will prepare us for missions to travel on to Mars. 

The Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment to grow the space industry. Through this initiative, Australia has the opportunity to showcase its knowledge and capabilities in projects that can support NASA. 

Trailblazer program 

The Trailblazer program is the flagship element of the Moon to Mars Initiative. Partnering with NASA, we will fly an Australian-made, semi-autonomous rover to the Moon. This is a key step towards establishing a sustainable human presence on the Moon, as well as supporting future missions to Mars. 

This grant opportunity provides funding to leverage and diversify Australia's world leading remote operations skills and experience by developing new foundation services capabilities, encouraging investment and opportunities in the Australian space sector. 

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Demonstrator program 

The Demonstrator program provides a pathway to develop and launch products into space, which will create new capability and build space heritage. 

The Demonstrator Mission grant opportunity provides funding to Australian industry and research institutions focusing on Phases C to F mission development activities for current and existing space projects. 

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Supply Chain Program 

The Supply Chain Capability Improvement grants provide Australian businesses with grant funds to build capacity to deliver products and services into domestic and/or international space industry supply chains that could support Moon to Mars activities.  

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Man in factory working with large hi-tech robotics machine.

International Space Investment India initiative 

The International Space Investment India Initiative expansion will support collaborative projects between Australia and India. 

The initiative provides $25 million for Australian companies and research organisations to work with the Indian space sector. 

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Opportunities for start-ups 

There are opportunities in the space sector for both space start-ups and start-ups who may not have considered the space industry. You can learn more about government support for start-ups by visiting business.gov.au. 

Other funding sources 

CSIRO funding schemes can help businesses with a turnover of less than $100 million. 


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