Illustration of Australia's rover on the moon

Australia, we’re going to the Moon!

From more than 8,000 entries, we’ve shortlisted four rover names that capture a sense of Australian Spirit.

Voting has closed. We will reveal the name Australia has chosen on Wednesday 6 December 2023.


The Final Four

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Capturing the essence of our Indigenous heritage and connection to the land, a coolamon is a multi-purpose, sustainable tool used for gathering and carrying. It symbolises the balance between utility and respect for the environment, mirroring our approach to space exploration. 

Anil, Vic



Translated from the Kaurna region in Adelaide, Kakirra means 'Moon'... and is a tribute to the history of Australia, just as the rover is about the future of this country. The rover is very important to lunar expeditions and is a big step for Australia.

Hamilton Secondary College, SA



From the spirit of the Anzacs, to your mate at the local footy club, it's a crucial part of Australian culture. Whether you're young or old, live in the city or in the outback, we all possess this indescribable trait. Let's say 'G'Day Mate' to new horizons and the lunar surface.

Joseph, VIC



Our lunar rover deserves to be named after something iconically Australian, reflecting the Aussie spirit as we launch into this new endeavour. A kangaroo is part of the Australian Coat of Arms and it's time for Australian science to take the next leap all the way up into space. 

Siwa, NSW

Australia, the Moon, and Mars

The rover is just one way Australia is part of humanity’s return to the Moon and beyond.

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