The Australian Space Agency’s Communications Technologies and Services Roadmap outlined a 10-year plan to support the growth of Australian communications technologies and services. This plan was published before May 2022 under the previous Australian Government.


The Roadmap outlined opportunities for Australia to leverage its research and development to meet the ever increasing demand for data and advance its commercial competitiveness in an information-enabled world. It described a pathway of capability development that enabled: 

  • socio-economic improvement
  • future workforce
  • increased security
  • economic growth
  • increased connectivity
  • downstream development.

Publication content 

The following 6 focus segments prioritised in the Roadmap were considered the areas of greatest opportunity for the Australian space sector.

  1. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services
  2. Optical ground stations
  3. Hybrid RF-optical communications
  4. Reconfigurable networks, radios, modems and waveforms
  5. Satellite communication network management tools
  6. Quantum enabled communications.



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