You must have an overseas payload permit if you are an Australian national launching a space object using a specified launch vehicle from a facility or place outside Australia.

A space object is an object the whole or part of which will travel beyond and/or comeback from a distance of 100km above mean sea level. A space object can be any part of such an object, even if the part only goes some of the way towards and/or back from an area beyond the distance of 100km above mean sea level.

Overseas payload permit application guidelines

These guidelines provide detailed information on how to apply for an overseas payload permit, including application and supporting evidence requirements.

Overseas payload permit application guidelines [PDF 617 KB]

Overseas payload permit application guidelines [DOCX 418 KB]

Overseas payload permit operation of payload declaration template [DOCX 255 KB]



Debris mitigation strategy

You must have a debris mitigation strategy if you are launching a space object overseas.

Your strategy needs to outline how you will manage the risk of debris (intentional or unintentional) generated during the lifetime of your space activity. It must:

- Identify and use an internationally recognised guideline or standard for debris mitigation.

  • For example, the Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space or the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee’s (IADC) Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines.
  • Describe your mitigation measures for orbital debris arising from the proposed launch.
  • Include an orbital debris assessment, including a statistical assessment of the probability of collision over the life of the space object and probability of ground impact (should any part of a space object survive re-entry)

For more information: Overseas payload permit application guidelines [PDF 617 KB]

Before you apply, download and read the overseas payload permit application guidelines.

Make sure you include enough detail and supporting evidence in your application to help us assess your eligibility for an overseas payload permit – such as plans, procedures and diagram – that support your statements against the requirements.

Supporting materials should be robust, sufficiently detailed and appropriate for the scope and complexity of your proposed activity.

Your application must be in writing and in English. Documentation that is not in English must include an English translation.

The legislation and its associated framework are outcomes based, so you can tailor your application to your activity.

Overseas payload permit applications may take up to 3 months to assess once you submit a complete application.

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