The Australian Civil Space Strategy identifies 7 National Civil Space Priority Areas. These Priority Areas will deliver the greatest opportunity for the Australian space sector.

The development of roadmaps under each of these Priority Areas will:

  • guide and inform industry, research, and government
  • map out the future workforce
  • align the space sector
  • advance the Australian space industry over the next decade

The development of each of the 7 roadmaps will take place over 2020, and 2021.

The first roadmap, Communications Technologies and Services provides strategic direction to support the growth of the industry. This will assist other areas of the economy including agriculture, remote medicine and resources. It will contribute to securing the future of Australia’s space sector over the next 10 years.

The Communications Technologies and Services Roadmap, prioritises six focus segments. These include:

  • low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite services
  • optical ground stations
  • hybrid RF-optical
  • reconfigurable networks, radios, modems and waveforms
  • satellite communication network management tools
  • quantum-enabled communications

Industry, researchers and Australian government agencies have contributed to the development of this roadmap. Peer space agencies and stakeholder organisations supported validation of Australia’s state-of-the-art capabilities, technologies and opportunities.

Along with the space sector, roadmaps will inform adjacent sectors, including:

  • mining and energy
  • defence and national security
  • agriculture and natural resources
  • remote medicine
  • environmental and disaster management

Introductions to the Communications Services and Technologies Roadmap will take place in early 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

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