The Australian Space Agency’s mission

The Agency is the heart of space in Australia. 

We work across government, industry and academia to advance Australia’s position in the global space economy, and we do this through:

  • Technical expertise and direction 
  • International engagement
  • Funding opportunities
  • Policy advice to government 
  • Regulating Australian space activities
  • Initiatives to ‘Inspire’ the nation and build a future space workforce.

The Agency uniquely knits together space expertise along with technical, policy, international engagement, regulatory and communications specialisations.

Space areas of interest

Australia has several advantages that make us a great place to do space. Below are some of the areas where Australia has a competitive edge or a strategic interest.

Birdseye view of cattle

While Australia is fortunate to have abundant GNSS satellite coverage, its use must be combined with additional Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) technology that supports critical systems and infrastructure. Meeting this national need gives Australia a major opportunity to establish itself as a trusted provider of reliable, resilient, and accurate PNT services.

Satellite image of Lake Carnegie in WA (false-color composite image)

As the world’s sixth-largest country, Australia relies on Earth observation data to help manage its vast territory. Investing in better Earth observation technology will improve weather forecasting, farming, natural disaster responses, climate change management, and more – which all directly contributes to a resilient Australian economy.

An Alice Springs satellite antenna painted with Indigenous artwork

Australia is committed to leading in today’s digitally connected world with secure, reliable, and innovative satellite communications services. This includes emerging technologies like optical and secure quantum communications, and hybrid radio and optical communications.

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To help mitigate the increasing risk of collisions in space, Australia will develop Space Situational Awareness solutions that track and predict object trajectories, monitor the natural space environment, and support space traffic management. Australia will also help advance space sustainability and prevent space debris creation through responsible missions – with improved tracking, maneuverability and end-of-life management.

Scientist tests of space device in large sound proof room

Applied space medicine and life sciences

Australia has strong space research and development (R&D) capability, which we recognise as a great catalyst for sector transformation and leapfrogging into new areas of innovation. Applied Space Medicine and Life Sciences is a prime example that can unlock new possibilities for space exploration and contribute to better health outcomes on Earth.

Robotic manufacturing line with robotic arms and control console showing position of arms

Australia’s expertise in large-scale remote asset management and Earth-based robotics in harsh environments means we are well-placed to lead delivery of foundation services and exploration services, while capturing high-tech manufacturing opportunities. We are also committed to doing this in a manner that supports the long-term sustainability of outer space.

Rocket launch

A key element of Australia’s space aspirations is to become a recognised destination of choice for orbital launch. Australia will also develop and operate sustainable space platforms and transportation systems, which will increase access to space activities and boost the value that can be derived from them.

Meet our Executive team

The Head of Agency is supported by a Senior Executive Leadership team.

Our partnerships

The Australian Space Agency is the heart of space in Australia, working to advance the country's position in the global space economy. 

Indigenous constellations and the story of our logo

Hidden in the stars

There is a strong link between space and Australia’s Indigenous people who are essentially the world’s oldest astronomers. For thousands of years the sky has been critical to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in dictating seasonal activities around food and movement, and a reflection of what is happening on the land.

This animated video below tells the story of the Australian Space Agency’s brand identity.

At first glance, the logo appears as a satellite view of Australia. The dots alluding to the light created from human life and industry, which the Agency will support. But hidden within the dots are several significant Indigenous constellations that can be seen if we look up across Australian skies.

The brand captures Australia’s powerful cultural heritage and the spirit of the Agency—one that will look to space to provide real improvements for life on Earth.

The latest from Australia’s space sector

Our department recognises the First Peoples of this Nation and their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to the lands, waters, seas, skies, and communities.

We Acknowledge First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Custodians and Lore Keepers of the oldest living culture and pay respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to all First Nations Peoples.