You must have a permit to launch a high power rocket from Australia. You must also comply with the Flight Safety Code.

A high power rocket is a rocket that will not reach or exceed an altitude of 100km above mean sea level and:

  • is propelled by a motor or motors with a combined total impulse greater than 889,600 Newton seconds.
  • is propelled by a motor or motors with a combined total impulse greater than 40,960 Newton seconds and is fitted with a system or systems that allow active control of its trajectory.

If you intend for your rocket to reach an altitude of 100km or more above mean sea level, you will need an Australian launch permit, not a high power rocket permit.


High-power rocket permit application guidelines

These guidelines provide detailed Information on how to apply for a high power rocket permit, including the application and supporting evidence requirements.

High power rocket permit application guidelines [DOCX 434 KB]

High power rocket permit application guidelines [PDFX 636 KB]


Application overview

The application process consists of four key stages:

1. Expression of interest

2. Application plan workshop

3. Application assessment

4. Ministerial decision.


Application process stages


Expression of interest

You submit an expression of interest using the form below.

We’ll review your expression of interest and then schedule an application plan workshop once we have sufficient information to proceed.

NOTE: initiating your expression of interest is not an application submission, you will need to provide further documents

Application plan workshop

During this workshop we:

  • establish the status of your application.
  • develop a shared understanding of application requirements that need to be met.
  • set and agree application and assessment timeframes.
  • clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • establish principles for how we engage throughout the application and assessment process.

After the workshop we will provide you with a copy of a customised form and an application plan which will help guide you through the remaining stages of the application process.

Application assessment

You provide completed modules in line with your application plan.

We commence assessment of your modules, meet with you to clarify information, and provide feedback on progress.

We will consult with federal, state and territory authorities to see if there is any reason, including relating to Australian security, defence, or international relations, why a launch facility licence should not be granted.

We then make recommendations to the Minister (or their delegate).

Ministerial decision

The Minister (or delegate) decides whether to grant the launch facility licence, taking into consideration advice from the Agency.

The Minister has discretion to seek further information from applicants and permit holders.

Before you apply, download and read the high power rocket permit application guidelines.

You should then complete and submit an expression of interest form providing supporting materials demonstrating your progress against the application requirements.

Once we receive your expression of interest, we will contact you to discuss your application and schedule an application plan workshop once we have sufficient information. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your plans and have any questions answered. We can also provide more information about the application and assessment process.

There are no fees for applying for a high power rocket permit, or for having your application assessed.

It generally takes around 6 months to assess a launch facility licence application. We’ll discuss timelines with you and agree on these as part of your application plan workshop.

Following the workshop we provide an assessment plan that will clearly outline these timeframes to help guide you through the application and assessment process.

If information is missing, inaccurate, or lacks sufficient detail we will discuss with you and agree timeframes to submit additional information. This may impact overall assessment timeframes. 

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